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 DEAD or postponed BILLS

RI H5844

This bill will negatively affect estheticians in RI

Key Points

Requires hiring of MD, PA or Nurse to operate a med spa

Defines cosmetic medical services which include common esthetic modalities and not defining supervision of estheticians or MA's

Essentially this bill will limit your ability to make a living in a medical spa

Our Position

We oppose this bill due to the negative effect this will have on licensees, consumers, and existing businesses. This bill will limit access and impact affordability for non-medically necessary services as well as cut earning potential for licensed estheticians.
If safety is an argument we ask that data proving there is a safety issue be provided, currently this looks like a scope grab.
Sponsors: Baginski, Casimiro, Bennett

died -link here

NV sB249

Key Points

This bill was worked on by NIMA (National Institute of Medical aesthetics) without industry involvement or support. 

The scope of practice outlined as well as requirements for getting this license do not meet current national standards and are poorly written.

The opposition is from the medical community which also is using a safety argument without providing data or understanding what a master esthetician scope is.

This bill is a poor attempt at a master esthetician license. Admendments needed.

Medical opposition

Our Position

We would support this bill with amendments and cooperation with the sponsor. We do not support private entities pushing a bill that will directly affect estheticians' livelihood while enriching that entity.  

Key changes requested: update the scope of practice to reflect a national standard. Clearly outline supervision guidelines and allow the state board to define educational requirements and specific modalities within the scope outline.

Sponsors: Senator Lange

Lobbyist: Carrara Nevada (working with NIMA)

Amendment may be pending

ok hb2013

Key Points

This bill creates a separate certificate for Laser Hair Removal and cosmetic tattooing/permanent makeup. 

The burden for renewal and opening locations is excessive with requirements such as having to publicly advertise your intention to renew your license for 3 weeks prior and disallowing locations within 1000 ft of a school, church, or playground.

This bill is creating a certification for laser hair removal & cosmetic tatooing. 

Our Position

Support with amendments. This bill may be adequate to provide estheticians a pathway to perform laser hair removal and cosmetic tattooing if amended.

Key changes needed: Remove the burdensome requirement to renew and the 1000 ft requirement. These services are not considered "vice" oriented or influence the "moral" authority of the community.

Sponsors: Townley

No hearings set yet-respond to sponsor
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