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You have a voice

With every initiative we implement or position we take on rules and regulations, devices, modalities, or education; these are the questions we ask:

  • Does it ensure the safety of the consumer and the licensed professional?

  • Does it promote economic fairness for the licensed professional while providing transparency and clarity for the consumer?

  • Is every licensed professional’s voice heard, regardless of background, race, religion, sexual orientation, or professional affiliation?

  • Does it reflect evidence based science while respecting the client’s health?

The esthetics industry has undergone rapid changes within the last 20 years. The growth of cosmetic medical practices, the expansion of social media as well as advances in science has prompted the creation of new products, devices, and cosmetic formulations which our regulatory boards are unprepared to address.

The result is that estheticians are making less money and often need multiple streams of income to provide a living for themselves and their families. When the average esthetics license program runs $20,000 or more, this is an unacceptable outcome for our profession.

The Esthetics Council was created to provide an offical body to address these challenges and provide support

and assistance to estheticians while educating the public on the skin care services promoted by both the

beauty and medical industries. 

the Esthetics Council was created?



Professional conduct- We will always present our ideas, concerns, and information in a clear transparent and kind manner.

Inclusion-Everyone is welcome, no one's race, culture, religion or political beliefs should ever be demeaned or vilified.

Diversity- All ideas, different professional approaches and beliefs are all welcome. All we ask is to be open to new ways to doing things as well.

Client Care - We believe in "Do no Harm". We will never promote a unproven modality that has not been proven safe for the client and the esthetician.

Social justice- We believe that no one special interest has a right to manipulate laws or rules for their personal gain. We will fight this every time and let you know who is behind it when we can.

Education-We will strive to offer the best education presented by vetted instructors and designed to make a difference in your practice.


Integrity is at the core of who we are. Our members and board believe in;

  • A code of conduct for all members.

  • Creating by consensus practical industry skill competencies that emphasize safety for clients.

  • Providing evidence based information without ulterior motives and based in law where applicable.

  • Fully informing members about potential laws and rules that can impact their practice

Social Responsibility

The Esthetics Council is a public benefit corporation. This means we are like a non-profit but pay our taxes. This allows us to focus on our social mission and not primarily profit at all costs.

This company structure also allows us to be directly engaged in grassroots advocacy and government relations without violating non-profit guidelines.

we need you


A message from Susanne

In my 30 years as a professional esthetician I have watched my profession lose ground instead of becoming stronger. We (estheticians) are often considered uneducated and basically cosmetic salespeople. We are at the point in our profession that we must work together to educate ourselves, the consumer and our state boards about who we are or face detrimental changes such as reduced job prospects, shrinking customer base, deregulation and consolidation into other professions such as the medical industry.

Our challenges are huge, they seem overwhelming but I have faith that all of us will step up, put egos to rest and work together to change the public's perception of who we are. After all, they are the only reason we exist and we must take a stand, set conduct standards, and start acting like a truly viable profession. I set up the Esthetics Council to do this, its not about profit, its about giving you a voice and we need you involved. Yes, you do have a voice! The old saying, "Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way" is never been more relevant.

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