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Esthetics Council Member Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Esthetics Council Code of Conduct is to provide guidance to members and the public about the integrity and professionalism of our members. Our members represent the best of the professional skincare industry and work with a high level of integrity. Our code of conduct is an example of how we represent ourselves in the professional skincare industry.

This code of conduct is designed to provide a clear set of expectations on actions that are acceptable or prohibited for licensed estheticians who are members of the Esthetics Council.

Our mission is to represent the highest standards within the profession and support licensed estheticians achieve recognition for representing those standards.



Esthetics Council members shall comply with laws within their state. When scope of practice issues are undefined they shall ask for clarification in writing from their state boards or ask the assistance of the Esthetics Council to help clarify. Services or behaviors that are deemed out of scope or in violation of statute will not be encouraged. The health and safety of their clients should be the primary focus. If a device or modality is in a "grey area" members should request verified safety data from the manufacturer.

Interaction with state inspectors or other regulatory representatives shall be dealt with fairly and honestly. If a citation arises that the member disagrees with, they shall contact the Esthetics Council for help or retain counsel to clarify the situation.

All members have the right to challenge laws or advocate for change with state boards and other government entities. Seeking social justice for their personal cause does not interfere with this guideline.

State disinfection and safety regulations, as well as federal requirements (OSHA, CDC), are followed as required. When confusion arises members will ask for clarification from their state board or the Esthetics Council. Use of gloves or other PPE (personal protective equipment) is strongly encouraged for all Esthetics Council members even if not required by law.

New services or other modalities will not be performed on clients until adequate training and practice have been undertaken. If confused about appropriate standards contact the member will contact the Esthetics Council for guidance.


Our clients are the most important part of every business decision we make. Esthetic Council members will treat clients with respect, integrity, and dignity. We will be inclusive of all people and will treat them as we would like to be treated. Personal and health information will never be divulged or spoken about with anyone unless specifically approved in writing by the client. Photos will not be taken or posted publicly without a model release form signed by the client.

Esthetic Council members have the right to be treated fairly, harassment, threats, or discrimination by clients towards an esthetician is not acceptable and members have the right to remove themselves from the situation, report issues to their employers and/or refuse to provide services to the client. Members should be safe within their working environment. 


Esthetic Council members shall treat everyone in their work environment with respect, integrity, and dignity regardless of skin color, religion, politics, or sexual orientation. Esthetics Council members have the right to work in a harassment-free environment and are encouraged to report concerns to their state agencies or ask for help from the Esthetics Council.

If working in a team environment actions taken must not negatively impact fellow team members without some form of communication alerting them to possible negative consequences.

Social media interaction with other professionals and the public shall be respectful and non-abusive. Reported negative interactions will be addressed directly with the member and may lead to membership cancellation if no correction is undertaken.


Marketing practices shall be conducted with transparency and integrity. Results promised will be accurate and misleading statements will not be used.

Titles used when marketing shall be reflective of the title on their state license. Misleading titles such as “medical esthetician” will not be used. Medical esthetics competency or other certifications can be marketed if valid.


Hiring practices shall follow state and federal law, members will not engage in “illegal” hiring practices when hiring others. If clarity is needed members will seek help from their secretary of states office or other employment boards.

You have a right to work in a safe and legal environment. Illegal employment situations should be reported to their state as well as the Esthetics Council for support resolving the situation.

Members will not perpetuate theft, embezzlement or other fraud. 


Conflict of Interest, members will refrain from conflict of interest issues when dealing with the public or government.


  • Esthetician is getting a kick-back for selling one specific product, but the product is not best suited to the client, they sell it to them anyway.

  • Serving as a professional on a state board and enacts rules or is involved in a statute that will directly benefit them.

  • Reports a competitor for imagined violations in order to get a bigger market share or cause harm.

Members will not work on clients when under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances that impair judgment and put the client’s safety at risk.


Adequate professional insurance will be maintained when working on clients if required. If employed the member will verify coverage with their employer before working on clients. If there are concerns, contact the Esthetics Council for guidance.

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