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Help protect your profession and level up your esthetic knowledge!

Our Mission

The Esthetics Council is dedicated to advancing the esthetics profession through comprehensive education, compliance support, guidance, and skills verification. Our mission is to empower estheticians by providing high-quality educational resources, fostering a supportive community, and advocating for regulatory standards that promote safety, public health, and excellence in the industry.

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Keep up to date on issues that affect your practice! Your membership includes mentoring to help you make the right decisions.

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About us

Esthetics Council

It's all about you!

Our goal is to be the support that estheticians need to be successful. Think of us like a union, Consumer Reports™, and a Good Housekeeping Seal™, for professional skin care all together in one place.

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We provide access to evidence-based education with measurable competency outcomes. You should be able to use your knowledge immediately to build your career, get a job, and perform better. We will work to educate both the public and regulatory agencies about professional skin care.

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